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Flagstone Restoration

Flagstone Restoration

We strip, flagstone meticulously on our hands and knees using the finest techniques, and products available to date. Flagstone is one of our specialties, because we remove all topical coatings, sealers, dirt, grime, residue as well as calcium, and efflorescence like none other . That is what separates Total Floor Care from the competition.

After we have stripped off the sealer, we wash off all the dirt and residue on our hands and knees, detailing it like you would get your car detailed. in our case, hitting all the nooks and corners along edges, under cabinets and any other hard to reach areas that machines can’t get to. Ultimately those are the areas that make an ordinary job, an Extraordinary job.

Once we have got it stripped and cleaned, let it dry out completely.

This is when we begin the sealing process. This is the final phase and you have four options of sealers you can use. You have a choice between a High Shine Sealer, a Low Luster sealer, Penetrating Natural look sealer, and a color enhancing sealant. We recommend the high shine sealer if you desire the indoors / interior sealed, and the color enhancing penetrating sealer if you want the outdoors / exterior sealed to avoid staining and water damage.

Flagstone Restoration Questions

Flagstone floor restoration is a detailed process designed to revive and enhance the appearance of flagstone surfaces. It becomes necessary when the floor shows signs of wear, erosion, stains, or damage, restoring both its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

While basic maintenance can be done by homeowners, a comprehensive Flagstone floor restoration is best handled by professionals. Specialists have the expertise, tools, and products necessary for effective restoration without causing harm to the flagstone surface.

Flagstone floor restoration usually includes cleaning, repairing damaged areas, enhancing color, and applying a protective seal. The specific steps depend on the condition of the flagstone and the desired outcome.

The frequency of restoration depends on factors such as foot traffic, exposure to the elements, and the quality of the initial sealing. Generally, professional restoration is recommended every few years, with more frequent attention for high-traffic areas.

Yes, professional restorers can assess and repair cracks or chips in Flagstone. The extent of the damage determines the appropriate methods and materials used for successful restoration.

Yes, color enhancement is often part of the restoration process. Professionals may use specialized sealers or enhancers to bring out the natural colors and patterns of the flagstone.

The duration of restoration varies based on factors such as the size of the area, the extent of damage, and the specific services required. Projects can range from a day to several days for larger areas.

Maintaining Flagstone floors post-restoration involves regular sweeping, damp mopping, and using pH-neutral cleaners. Harsh chemicals should be avoided to prevent damage to the sealant. Periodic reapplication of the sealer is advised.

Yes, professionals can tailor the restoration process to meet specific design preferences, including adjustments to the finish, color, or other aesthetic elements.

The cost is influenced by factors such as the size of the area, the extent of damage, and the specific services required. It is recommended to obtain a detailed quote from a professional after a thorough assessment of the Flagstone floors.

Remember that it’s essential to consult with a professional at Total Floor Care for an assessment of your specific flagstone floor and to get tailored advice on the restoration cost, process and maintenance.