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Brick Floor Restoration

Brick Floor Restoration

Brick floors are basic but can become very worn over the years from ground in dirt and traffic wear. At Total Floor Care we are very experienced in the restoration of interior brick floors.

Brick floors in most homes have in there lifetime been stained or sealed. First step is to know what kind of seal is on the floor either a water or solvent base seal. This determines the whole restoration process. Water base seals are much easier to remove with machines and vacuum rather than by hand if you have to solvent base strip.

Once the brick floor is stripped and cleaned the dry out process must take place, could be a night or many night for the brick to dry.

If the customer feels there is a need to stain the brick floor we provide three test areas for them to see the stain on their floor to make a decision.

The final step is sealing with a either a topical or penetration sealer.